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Re: 4TNV98 RPM meter take off

Unfortunately there is zero documentation for the machine itself. That round disk is hard plastic and fairly light. It plugs into the little black box that is behind the seat. I thought might have been temp sensor. But then looks like it should be inside the cab which is air con. Maybe pressure like you say. I think it just got stuck in the engine bay when the cab went back on. The people putting it on where not the ones that took it off. Unfortunately I didn't see it come off either. They left all the electrics unplugged. We plugged all back in and most works. Just the RPM.

Hopefully will be back there in a few weeks and planning to pull the body off so I can replace the muffler and starter. Should give me good access around the whole motor so can hopefully track it down.

Thanks for the ideas all very helpful. If I find the answer ill let you know.

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