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Re: 4TNV98 RPM meter take off

If I were guessing.. (I am) I would say it looks like a pressure sensor. Kind of like a bellows or capsule that expands/contracts in response to barometric pressure. It would then also be a elevation sensor to modify fuel delivered based on atmosphere density. From the photo it is difficult to tell if the disk is soft/hard, heavy or light.(hollow?)
What does the other side look like? Where do the wires go?
Have you tried to get a schematic from the 'Sun' company? Even in non-western characters, the diagrams can be informative. "This thingy connects to that thingy... one is attached to the engine where there is oil pressure from a gallery... or coolant system reservoir or jacket..." Interpretation and deduction will get you a good way even if reading is difficult/impossible. IF you can find online documentation, you may be able to submit parts of it to a 'translator' program. It would come out in Chinglish, but give some guide.

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