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Re: Duel Wheels on GRW for Model Ls

Originally Posted by fireant911 View Post
take a look at this C8 machine with GRW's in place???
Plus it's a CI8!

Somebody must have done a bunch of work on that machine. Normally the right-hand axle housing of a swifto will not allow the GRW case to bolt up to it. I *think* you could add a not-very-thick adapter plate to make it work, but I'd never tried it.

A regular LI with GRWs will be slower in low than your C8 in low/low. An LS is even slower than that. I'd look for one of those if you're after slower speed.

The thing I've often wished for, per above, is more weight. Chains or no chains, the L just isn't heavy enough to shove masses of snow around. I'll also observe that for plowing, slower isn't always better. I generally have better luck plowing with a C8 in high. The extra momentum seems to help. If I had more weight, I bet that would help even more.

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