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Duel Wheels on GRW for Model Ls

Anyone ever do this?
Just got a great set of 12"x4" wheels at the Dublin Show for $10 and was thinking about getting a duplicate set of 5-12 Ag tires to match the new ones on the Model L w/ the GRW to run duals. Have dual Ag tires (8") on the Model LS and they work great.
Have looked at Miller Tire's 12" dual setup but they gouge you on the shipping (over $26 for a $55 item), especially since the item is just two 12" poly rings and 8 carriage bolts. And I don't think the carriage bolt heads would clear the CI gear case of the GRWs.
Thought about cutting out of a Schedule 40 steel pipe (or poly or PVC) two rings 1" to 1.5" tall and just using threaded rod and lug nuts to attach the wheels to the tractor. Problem is not the material (have it) but rather that I don't have access to a big enough lathe to make the square cut(s) necessary.

Just thought I would throw this out there for discussion.
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