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Re: Stuck Pulley on Shaft

Originally Posted by Merc1973 View Post
Good job! If the cleaning didnt work.. I'd sacrifice the pulley using a 3 jaw puller. Just get a new one. Or a steering wheel puller where you drill holes in the pulley. Hammering and heat would not be good for the crank and seal.
Well I would not sacrifice the pulley, I am too poor, stingy to do that. I drill 3/8" holes thru the steel pulley across from each other far enough out from the hub to get a nut on the bolts. Drill matching holes in a pc of 3/8" or so flat steel stock 1-1/2" wide or whatever you have. Place a pc of round stock on the end of the engine shaft, socket works well. Use 2 bolts long enough to reach thru the steel plate and the pulley with round stock in place, thread on nuts and start tightening bolts evenly. I usually buy grad 8 bolts if a really hard pull is expected. I have pulled and saved many steel pulleys this way. The 2 holes do not harm the pulley. I happen to have an automobile puller with one center bolt and slotted arms which makes things simpler, no need for spacer on shaft and no need to make flat puller plate. .

If really hard pull, leave a little more space and use a washer under nuts, ground off one side of washer for clearance if needed.

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