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Re: Tractor data

Originally Posted by bst34285 View Post
Thanks. The journey continues. It gets a mechanical once (or twice) over today so I know
just what it needs, if anything, other than an oil/filter change and tune up.
Have fun and good luck! And I apologize but there is a bit of sarcasm there because thats what I said about my 1966 L 3 yrs. ago! lol!
But thats on me but I needed a new hobby anyway.
As the worn-out story goes I bought mine for $300 and was gonna give it a "once-over" and prolly could have gotten away with it but I wound up buying $1,200 to $1,500 worth of new parts for it then when I was closin in on her I was installing new head bolts and they were too long and cracked the crap outta my fins atop the jug, luckilly I had bought a LI parts tractor and am using that jug and piston and all.
I hadn't done much to it all summer because of many of lifes little problems that come by the dump truck load round here but got back on it a cpl weeks ago.
But its been great thanks to this forum and unless you built them at the factory you need this forum.
Oh yea Im doing all of this so I can give it to my son who owns his own place and has never had the pleasure of running one of these beast lol.
Have fun and good luck!
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