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Re: 30" Brush mower is awesome.

[QUOTE=jrd;12325651]+1 on all that.

An issue with going after the big brambles is getting on top of them. Around me we have these terrible 12 foot high wild roses. Trying to just mow over them won't work, the stems are too sturdy. But if you pick up the leading edge of the deck about 18", you can chop them off, then drop the nose to chew up the remaining parts. You want the front guard off for this exercise.

I bought a new rear guard for my 30" deck and have a cpl old ones here but want to find someone to cut one of them down to half-height to put on the front. Everytime I ever used a full height front guard they always get in a bind or get indented or whatever but I think a half-height one would be perfect, it would not get hung up every whip-stitch and still offer some protection.
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