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Re: This embarassing, hope its right anyway.

Originally Posted by nhgravely View Post
If you lookup old engines on the web (80-120 years old) the Gravely strongly resembles early motorcycle/bike engines in the overall design. It is amazing that a design nearly 100 years old was used with very little change from the 1920's to the 1970's. And is still going strong with all our tractors still running and working, thanks to the suppliers who are still offering replacement parts.
I cant remember wich one its called but I used to call one of the old-OLD Harley heads a "Gravely Head" lol
It had cooling fins on the heads itself. Maybe a Knuckle head, but I honestly dont remember because back in those days we were all about speed and the 900 Kawasaki just came out somewhere about 71 or 72 and they would fly and back then nothing could catch them and Harley was owned by that sports equipment company AMF and I love harleys and would cut off my arm to have one but they werent doing that good when AMF had them.
Its my understanding the original family threw-in and bought the company back and the rest is history...again.
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