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Re: Belt wear on 40" two blade commercial mower

All belts have been Kevlar.
Pulleys on the spindles are very polished and have no rust. They do run warm! And I am running the mower w/o the top covers. Gear case pulley shows a little corrosion but it appears that the slippage is happening on the spindle pulley. Left side (from operator view) more than the right. Using one of the blades you can rotate the entire system with little effort with the PTO disengaged. No grease leaking from gear drive onto the belts.

Design of the mower only allows the use of 37-38" belts, one per spindle. Each belt only sees load from one blade set. Does not use a long routed in a circle belt like a sit down mower.

My only guess is that the spindles are dragging just enough to load the belts too much. But I can't understand why it mows so well, even in longer grass on the lawn.
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