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Re: FiFi a B-29 bomber used in WWII

Back in the early 1990s (I think) a B-29 was found where it had made an emergency landing on a glacier. I think fuel starvation was the emergency. Anyway, it was literally and intact B-29 but had suffered the rigors of decades of weather. A mission was set up and some guy spent hundreds of thousands on parts, repair teams, and managed to pull the mostly repaired ship out of the ice it was mired in. They had made several test run ups on the engines and had gotten it pretty much ready to fly out.
There is an auxiliary engine in the rear compartment they called the putt putt. I think it powered the ship during engine start and take off only. It burst into flame during a pre take off taxi, and it was a horrible sight to see that entire plane sitting there, repaired and flight ready, go up in smoke due to the putt putt's gas leak and subsequent fire. Heart breaking is not adequate to describe.

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