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Belt wear on 40" two blade commercial mower

Have a 40" square type commercial mower that I replaced the bearings in the drive head and painted it up to keep it from rusting. Drive is tight and has minimal drag and the two spindles, while not new, have low drag and spin freely. Added two new blades so it has cross blades like a 30".

Problem is it eats belts. Have new tension pulleys and new springs. Tension arms are not slack. Freshly greased spindles. Used 38" belts the first time and after they burned up used 37" belts which do fit but are tough to install (but keep tension longer). Using on a C8 in low axle gear high range in transmission and while it does load the motor when first engaging the drive, it mows and cuts well and the 7.6 hp handles it fine (pretty amusing since most 42" riders are at least 12-16 hp).

Any suggestions? Like the deck, and use it instead of the Craftsmen 42" 19.5 hp rider as it seems to give a better cut.
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