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Re: Describe Rimguard...

If it's brown (not from rust) and a bit sticky, it's Rim Guard.

CaCl is also brown (due to rust) and a bit sticky, but it is pucker-up-the-lips bitter. (Learned this as a kid when they used to spread CaCl crystals on the road for dust control.)

Use one of these to check the pressure of loaded tires. It keeps the fluid away from the gauge so that it doesn't get gummed up. Keep an old valve stem handy to blow the fluid back out of the hose when you're done.

I prefer to measure from the ground to the top of the rim when I first install the tires. If the pressure was right at first installation, the same measurement will indicate the same pressure later. For my 26x12-12 turfs, that's 19.25" for 14 psi. A 1 psi pressure change will change the ground to top of rim measurement about 1/4".

Note that all tires with the same nominal size are not necessarily the same diameter under pressure. Check the tires that you are installing for the correct measurement. You want the same measurement for both rear tires so that the axle is level. The pressure is irrelevant as long as one of them is correct for your purpose.


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