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Re: Can I run an older deck on a newer mower

Originally Posted by Cobarchie View Post
I changed both idler pulleys with new ones yesterday and still no change. The mower is new to me, and the marks on the deck from the belt could have been there before I got it. I know the previous owner replaced both belts last year; maybe they were too loose for him and that's how the marks got there.

Maybe I need to look into adjusting the idler tension. It might be a little slack.

The suggestions about investigating the PTO seem to be a good next step, but could someone describe the process with a little more detail; maybe with some step by step directions?
I believe the post to check the idler was with regard to the pivot, not the pulley itself. I think it good advice to check the pivot as the bushings do wear and need replacing periodically. And if it's binding, could be your issue.
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