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Re: JD 318 PTO will not engage - bad connections

My analysis is:

1. Not the seat switch because it has a single contact going to the TCM (the TDM uses that for logic to the engine run and PTO command). If the switch was stopping the PTO, the engine should also stop.
2. Not the battery because when I was initially troubleshooting it, I verified zero volts to the PTO coil. I think a low battery would just give me low volts (not enough to pull in PTO)
3. Not the gap for the same reasons as #2 (zero voltage witnessed at PTO).

edit - just looked at elec diagram. The PTO coil and the cluster PTO Lamp share the same signal. Since my lamp isn't coming on either - supports no voltage diagnosis

Anyone disagree?

edit 2 - looking at the elec schematic, I guess I'll start by seeing if I have voltage from the TDM to the PTO switch (/60 BLU wire) and go from there. Busy moving kids into college, so it might be a few days before I get back to it.

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