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JD 318 PTO will not engage - bad connections

OK, I feel stupid for asking because I've seen many many posts where some one has answered this, but I'm getting tired searching thru posts to find those responses. So my apologies ahead of time.

Two weeks ago I threw the PTO switch and the PTO didn't engage. The PTO light on the cluster did not come on either. I began troubleshooting by checking for voltage to the PTO coil - no voltage. As I was about to start checking other things, the PTO just pulled in...and held in while I mowed. I figured I hadn't seen the last of the issue...

Last night I was one minute away from finishing and the PTO cut out. Again, the PTO indication on the cluster was out, so I'm quite certain that the clutch and coil are not the issue. It's not the seat switch because the engine starts and runs. It was getting dark, so I didn't check anything yet. I assume I'm looking for a bad connection or bad ground wire. Can you name any particular connections or places to begin looking?
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