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Re: Lawn tractor fo 3+ acres

Originally Posted by Newyork trans View Post
Have just bought a house with 3+ acres & need a mower. I lke the JDs but dont like that the HSTs are mostly not user serviceable.( the tractors from the 80s/90s were)
After much research I have found that LTs that have the k72 trans axle & power steering are still user serviceable.(YaHoo)
You do have to be careful when looking at the specs to see which JD tractors have a trans that's user-serviceable (in other words, fluid can be changed without removing the trans from the tractor). There are models as low as the X300-series that do have the serviceable trans. Usually power steering is a good indicator of that, but still check the user manual on JD's Web site to be sure that there's a process for changing the fluid on the tractor you're interested in.

Originally Posted by Newyork trans View Post
Here’s the question buy new & get the warranty pay thousands more and quality seems to lessen each year as they find ways to make the machines look better but made cheaper. Or save money and get more bang for your buck and buy used?
alright all you experts what do you think.......
Just about everyone here will tell you that used is the way to go. I'm not going to debate that. I'm just going to make the point that they do still make some models "like they used to". The thing is, the models that are discussed around here as the "good ones" are equivalent to today's high-end X500-series or more likely the X700-series. You have to pay a lot of money for a new tractor that's going to have the capability you need and stand the test of time. Many people get themselves into trouble when they think a $2,000 tractor is the same as an X700 because they kind of look alike. Of course that's not true. Bottom line, there's nothing wrong with buying new if that's what you want and have the means to do so. Just make sure you're buying enough new tractor that's truly suited for your needs and is not being limited by a certain price range.

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