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Re: High Zinc (ZDDP) Engine Oil: My 2 cents

Originally Posted by arnoldir View Post
Reply to TobyU,

The datasheet for the Lucas Hot Rod and Custom is 2,100 PPM Zinc, Hence my interest in trying it.

Cost per case on amazon was $93 free shipping for a per quart cost of $6.20 to my door.

I paid about the same for the VR-1 10W30 through Amazon.

And to Roger, I agree no substitute for proper change intervals and no magic bullet for fixing damage.

Being an Engineer, I tend to over analyze things.
2100 is great but you can't run it on straight Lucas. Lol
Many oils are only 800 PPM. Most additives like Lucas or STP (which I think is even higher zinc) say to run at 20%. You could go 25-30 and be safe I guess but you would have to do the math depending on crankcase capacity to see how much you could get by with and what that would bring levels up to.

If my fast math is correct, even if you were 50% or 1:1 you would only be at 1450 ppm, so at 20% lucas it's going to be a lot lower than that and not up to what other high zinc oils offer. I get 960 but it's late.
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