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Re: She's alive 😁

Originally Posted by Lnk View Post
Where did you end up mounting the solenoid? I must have missed it in that thread.
I think I didn't include that detail. My practice when doing that mod to an L model has been to hang the solenoid on the front (away from operator) side of the starter mount. In place of the foot switch.

That's not an ideal location. I've had one machine where I dinged up the solenoid by dragging the tail through a bunch of gravel. I think the next time I do one of those I'll make up some kind of a bracket to mount the solenoid on the right handlebar, down near the mag. That will mean I need to use different battery cables.

I've been too busy with other projects the last couple years to do more than maintenance on the gravely fleet. The main project at present is to build a new workshop. Once I get that done, the gravely work will pick up again.

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