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Originally Posted by jrd View Post
That sounds very encouraging!

If she sat for a while, esp exposed to the elements, the carb is likely to need rebuilding. The good news is that the cast iron zenith carbs are super simple.

I believe in your other post you said there had been some water contamination. If you haven't already, change out the oil, and be ready to do it again. Also, expect that the old cannister oil filter may be gummed up. That won't stop you from running it, because it's a bypass system, but you'll want to address it eventually. I've had some luck with back-flushing those old filters with solvent. You can occasionally find NOS ones, but they're very expensive.

Looking forward to more good news.
Drained the oil completely and put in 5 pints. Once I get it running, I will get her warmed up and do another oil change. She was outside, bit I don't know for how long. She is sleeping in the shed now, and will never have to spend another night outdoors. I am not someone that worries about show pieces. What is the best way to convert to spin on oil filter? Is it even possible with the low pressure system?

Really like this tractor, going to put her to work. I think she wants to work. I guess it's a she.....
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