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Re: Why not just get 4WD and forgetaboutit?

I have a slopped yard that I turn on all the time. I've been running a 314 with turf tires for years but I have 80# hanging on the back with chains I don't take off after the winter and snowblower mode. I ran a 140 sideways on a run off swail at my first house with no problems you just need to scoot your butt to the high side of the seat.

Just acquired a 332 with turf tires and no weight on the back and I don't spin much at all. I would love to get a pair of HDAPs for it and load them but I have better things to do with $200. I'll chunk chains on it and attach the snow blower and be done.

The thing is with a 4x4 (trucks, cars, tractors) people tend to "believe" they are "invincible" and never think about what they are getting into. I have 4x4 trucks SUVs but run them in 2wd until I need 4x4.

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