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Re: 8N will not move and lost all hydraulics

Not to chastise the poster, or any others that may come here, looking for answers, it helps a lot to diagnose a problem, getting as Paul Harvey used to say, "The rest of the story." No doubt it took a lot of, sudden shock load torque to cause the problem in this case.

Such as, while moving a blade full of dirt, did the operator snag a stump, or rock causing sudden stoppage, possibly wheel spinning, the gaining enough traction to go again, enough wheel weights, so as not to spin, placing more torque to the drive train, than it was designed for, etc., etc. Basically, placing a lot of torque to the weakest link in the drive train. Normally with wheel hopping when spinning will snap an axle. Anything ahead of the axle breaking in the drive train, has more than likely been stressed more than several times, whether intentional, or unintentional. A good "for instance" would be, mowing with a bush hog, and hitting something solid like a stump, with no protection to the drive train like a slip clutch. At that particular time, there may not have seemed to be any apparent damage, but could be the cause of a major problem later.
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