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I did something I haven't done in 11 years. I mowed my yard with a gravely . 11 years ago this week my job went away do to a factory closing. 3 weeks before that my Gravely LI died, Engine problems. with no job it wasn't practical to fix it . about 6 weeks ago I was given a Gravely professional 12 with snow blade . Tonight after work I picked up a 40 in Kidney deck . So I am back mowing with a gravely

If I had a deck like that on my ‘91 professional 8, I wouldn’t have had to buy my Gravely ProTurn 152. I just couldn’t keep up with mowing the pastures and the woods, about 5+ acres total.
If I had to mow 5+ acres I would have bought the 50 inch deck that the gentleman had. The professional 12 has enough power to run the 50 inch deck I live on about 1/2 acre with about 40 x 60 garden with my yard size and layout the 40 mower made more sense . Plus I like that deck discharge is to the left back side of the deck so you can mow tight against stuff on either side of the deck

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