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Re: 8N will not move and lost all hydraulics

As I recall from my dad's 8n, there are 2 covers. One for the trans the other under the seat with the rear lift arms coming out of it. Before doing any splitting I'd pull the trans cover first as it is accessible and see what you can see. If that doesn't show anything, I think I recall my dad pulling the side cover off the rear end case to look inside the rear end housing. It is the round cover, where the dip stick is I think. As it was less of a pain than the lift's top cover.

But alas, it sounds like you have a major failure in that gear train/hydraulic system. (Sorry, this was 55 years ago and memory is faded some).

Is it worth it? For an 8N, I'd say absolutely!! Oh, by the way, I was once that boy doing the knuckle busting work for my dad who lost his eyesight. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world. It has paid me back a thousand times over the next 45 years. I'll say a little "thanks dad" here.

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