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Re: Kohler Courage starting problem - need ideas

Originally Posted by Nouveau Redneck View Post
That is so very wrong on so many levels.

You say "The pulley". That in itself is wrong. Most lawn an garden tractors these days have at least two pulleys on the crankshaft. The first one is always powered and drives the belt going to the transmission.

The second pulley is usually controlled by a clutch of some sort, usually electrically these days, and provides the power for implements, usually the mower deck, but it can also be used to power a snow blower or a roto-tiller or other things. The ability to turn on and off the power to implements is the very definition of a Power Take Off (PTO). And if you look at the parts drawings from most lawn and garden tractor manufacturers, the pulley that can be switched on and off is called the PTO pulley.

The term PTO is not specific to farm tractors. Ask any dump truck driver what powers the hydraulic pump that provides the power to raise and lower the dump bed of his truck and he will say "a PTO".
I covered this is a follow up post.
By DEFINITION....yes. It is all correct. I even gave example that a PTO could be for a belt that spans a saw on an engine mounted to table 10 ft away.

Since you (and others) are being picky about fact ans defs. ..Most these days ARE NOT controlled electrically. Most riding mowers....there's that word or words to be picky again, do not have a PTO switch and clutch.
Most RERs, and uo to 42 inch have a lever and you are correct that most manufacturers call it a PTO. Many do not refer to the pulley or idler or the arm that swings when you move the lever as a PTO. I have a Troy Bilt pulled up now and they call the cable a "cable PTO" and "handle asm PTO, and the "manual PTO" diagram only include the handle and cable and no other PTO parts even mentioned in that diagram...but the idler and pulley "floating idler bracket" , "rod asm idler guide", and "flat idler pulley"

So they are not being accurate or consistent in what they call things.

I have said before that I am aware that the definition and the way most people refer and thing of a PTO is the ability to send power to and turn on and off an implement. I just maintain that MOST people do not think of a deck of a mower as an implement. YES. technically it is removable and an accessory but not how most people think of them.
Also note other post that using the definition and not what many or most people think of ...a clutched walk behind mower has a PTO.

NOW??? is the PTO a system? The lever you pull to engage blade? The idler (toro) that moves to tighten belt to engage blade? The pulley on this idler?
Or can it be all or any.....or just whatever you chose to refer to as a PTO.

Big things have PTOs like the dump truck you mentioned. I had a 1947 Mack fire engine that had a PTO for the pump and a lever to engage it. THAT is what most people think of as a PTO. A shaft or belt that send power to something that is additional, not always attached or normally used and doesn't have to be the same attachment each time.
THAT's a PTO to many.

Definitely to me. I use PTOs for tractor PTOs unless it is a real old rider that has a rear PTO then I call it a PTO.

One cane say PTO, PTO switch, blade switch, deck switch, deck/blade engagement switch/button, clutch switch and the list goes on. All of these are correct at least partially.

I will stick to calling the switch a blade clutch switch and the lever the blade lever and calling little 42 inch under 650 lb machines with no extra shafts to drive accessories...riding mowers.
When I have a customer call one a tractor I giggle and they must have never seen a real tractor. But see my definition or though of a tractor is different than some I guess.

I don't think anyone is wrong. Like a "sport car". Many cars are called that by manufacturer and many people would laugh and say they are no sport car but ---by definition----.
That's like using blue book for car prices. I DON'T CARE what any book or anyone says a car is worth.
A car is worth what a fairly large amount or potential buyer will pay for could be said it worth what even one person is willing to pay for it.

Definitions are not ALL THAT matters. That's being pedantic.
As I have now said 3 times in the past 5 weeks.....IT is all RELATIVE...

Exacts are way to likely to keep things inside the box and I'll pass on that.
Everything should considered, questioned, tested, challenged, admired, respected, what degree is up to the individual and their goals.
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