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Re: '87 5665 w. K301 - Self-inflicted Problem(s)

I'm happy to report that the governor has been reset/reseated and the tractor is humming along perfectly!

I had a hunch that as usual with the Gravely, even though it seemed/felt/sounded/acted catastrophic, it was likely something very simple.

When re-assembling the Rube-Goldberg-like throttle linkage train, I had simply clamped the big "L" shaped governer arm back onto the governor shaft and thought that was that. I did not know enough about the engine to realize that the governor actually works with a set of flywheels inside the engine, and the little governor rod protruding from the engine block (for this Kohler K301) needs to be turned back counter-clockwise till it stops with WOT THEN HELD IN THAT POSITION WHILE THE ARM IS CLAMPED BACK ON.

So so so simple, I can't believe it. THANK YOU TEXAS T and others for the help on this one - I'm back at it with mowing and brush-hogging now. Awesome.
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