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Re: Kohler Courage starting problem - need ideas

Originally Posted by mowergene View Post
My JD445 comes to mind with this statement. With the deck on, it's about 12 - 13 hundred pounds. Certainly not simply a lawn mower. Yet, that's its purpose to me. Ninty-nine percent of the time, it mows. There are hydraulic hookups for attachments other than the deck, but they're never used. I have hauled a heavy trailer with it but it's used for mowing. You'll never guess how the deck is activated......the PTO is a driveshaft from the hydrostat. That shaft sits just below the other shaft that propels the machine by powering the hydro from the engine. But, it's simply a multi-thousand dollar lawn mower rather than a tractor, I guess. Did I mention the Ag tires?

I've enjoyed the sparring moment we've had here but this is my last response.
I'm not sparring or offended that you have a different opinion just don't try to change mine. I won't try to change yours either but I will always restate mine.
I agree with you that a 455 is a tractor. It is bigger and heavier than a Craftsman LT1000 or a JD LA105, L110, D110, E100, STX 38, even LT133.
These are all riding mowers to me.
None have shaft or PTO driven decks like a 455.
Most of them are not made for attachments unless you call putting a pin through a hole in the back and pulling something an attachment. It is by definition but a far cry away from a snow blower and enclosed cab on bigger JD.

Just because a tractor (455) is only used to cut grass doesn't make it only a lawn mower, but all the others I listed are intended to and basically only capable of cutting grass for the most part.
The fact that I can drive a STX 38 around on a farm, or maybe put a blade on the front and scrape snow or level dirt or gravel...doesn't make it a tractor to me. It is a riding mower with some attachments/accessories available.

We all see things differently. I think JD since know for tractors and farm implements...and darn good ones too, leans toward the name use for perceived quality and durability reasons. It works too.

Also worth mentioning as I touched on before that I think its a F735 JD is not thought of my many or all as a tractor as it is mode funny. A big front beck mower. I don't know what attachments or changes are available but it has multi-cyl water cooled engine, PTO, hydraulic deck lift power steering, all things that a tractor would have but many say it a big lawn mower or call them a zero turn.
My Grasshopper has hydros (eatons even) and PTO shaft with gearbox even to drive deck but and there are accessories like snowblowers, brushes, plows, pull behind powered baggers...yet has anyone ever called a grasshoper front deck a tractor??? Not many. They call them riding mowers, machine, ztr, zero turn or just grasshopper.
Probably varies by regions too.

No hard feelings....take care.
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