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Re: Kohler Courage starting problem - need ideas

Originally Posted by TobyU View Post
I had never gone to any outdoor power equipment forum or this one until I started repairing mowers as a business. This one seems to have the most information over the past years so when you're searching for a problem you will typically end up on this one fairly quickly. I despise the fact that it's call Tractor and that it looks like a John Deere site with the Greene. I hate the word tractor as far as residential riding mowers go. They should get rid of the garden tractor and lawn tractor. They are really just riding mowers. I know some people have a different opinion and they consider a lawn tractor a front engine craftsman style and they consider a riding lawn mower like a rear engine or like an old Snapper but I don't and most don't. There is nothing tractor about these light duty residential grade machines made from the 70s and up. The Ropers and Sears and Craftsman and all the AY peas. These are lawn mowers. Simply riding lawn mowers. I also hate the word PTO. Or I guess that's really an abbreviation. There is no power takeoff on a riding lawn mower at least very very very few. This is a tractor term that gets carried over and should have got been gotten rid of a long time ago. Certainly you can say you take power off of the engine for the pulley but duh, if it wasn't for that you'd be sitting there with it humming and not even moving.
A PTO is a rod with a universal joint or whatever that comes out of machine that spins something like a three-point I think they call it. I don't like those either. I fully understand that when you own a farm or lots of land you use a tractor like the Ford a tens and stuff. I think that's what they're called for hands and a TENS I don't know maybe I'm thinking of 40 and 8 D batteries but you use a tractor from more than one purpose. You pull something behind it to cut grass and then you use it to haul stuff and all kinds of other things I guess. I don't know, don't care to, and really don't care. I am a Suburban boy who has never ridden a horse. I will never bail hay. I have put some straw in the dog's Dog House in the winter time for warm along with his heat lamp but I'm not a farmer. All I use a mower for is cutting grass. That is probably 80 is 90% of the population too.
Now if you do it by land area you would have different numbers but if you do it by population numbers since so many people live in suburbs and cities and use a small mower or a rider, far higher numbers in higher percentage of people have riding lawn mowers than tractors.
Just one of my pet peeves.
I just think that calling a 42 in Craftsman or Husqvarna riding lawn mower a tractor is an insult to a real tractor. And it seems I rarely see any posts on here about standard walk behind mowers. 30% of the population is getting them fixed every season because they won't start but yet there seems to be no post on here. The last one I noticed was a few days ago about an old Toro or an old Lawn Boy. You never find post on this site about a standard 3 year old Toro with a new Briggs & Stratton plastic carburetor that won't run well or start. I know there is a sister forum but that one has very little use. So it frustrates me. I want everything in one place.
This forum is the best resource and the go-to for riding mower information unless maybe if you have a Cub Cadet. The Cub Cadet only site is excellent especially for older Cubs.
Interesting rant. You don't like the term PTO (power take-off), but whether it comes out the rear or the front, or even the side, that's where the power comes from. Terms like PTO probably came to be before you were born. Is a tiny sports car, not a car? Tractors come in all sizes. I personally have three different sized tractors. I don't understand where you're coming from. Color me perplexed!

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