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Originally Posted by CaptainCubMan View Post
Originally Posted by Steve Urquell View Post
I have the Agri-fail Agri-fab box blade and cannot recommend it. Brinly owners have reported their blades are much better. I've added a bunch of steel to mine to make it marginally useable.

I wouldnt be scared to try the Sun tires. I have Ocelot ATV tires and they are awesome. No spinning and no grass tear up due to them not spinning. I have no diff lock and routinely grade my driveway pulling >400lbs of blade or 8ft drag and gravel.
Thanks for the reply Steve. Honestly I didn't get a warm and fuzzy about either box blade after reading reviews on both. I have a pretty good set of metal working tools and welder at home and if I need to just use the box blade as a template to cut, drill or weld new pieces I can do that. I appreciate the advice though, and I am leaning towards the SunF's just for the fact that if the EFX's aren't enough, I don't want to deal with the hassle of trying to sell used tires or stacking 2 unused sets in the garage. I can save the tire chains for winter for when they work best without stretching them out and beating them up during the summer. At least that is my thinking at the moment. Thanks for the advice again, and nice set up you have there. If I can get the box blade working well enough I'll eventually add a linear actuator or winch to make it more user friendly.
After doing a bunch of welding on my box blade I feel like I wasted a bunch of time, money, and iron. If I had to do it all over again I'd do just 3 things to it and nothing else.

1. Add 2" x 1/4" thick angle iron where the bolts go thru the square tubing as it crushes with light use.

2. Drill 2 holes to 1/2" where the top swivels on the bottom of the blade and bolt it solid with 1/2" bolts. Too much slop there with the supplied pins.

3. Weld (2) 1" pipes to the back of the blade to hang plate weights on it. Do NOT bother weighting the top bracketry as all it does is make the blade jump around skittering.

As you reinforce this blade all it does is make the next part of it fail. I replaced the entire hitch as it bent. Then made a killer ripper bar after bending the factory one. The new ripper made the entire blade twist.

I wish I had made a new blade from scratch.

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