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Re: How Many XT3 Owners Out There, Post A Pic

Originally Posted by rudedawg View Post
Flaken the good news is we are not in the direct path of the impact zone; the bad news is we're on the east side of it so the NWS predicts we'll realize the brunt of some really heavy rain. Not to mention the elevated risk of tornado's being spawned from it.
I have just finished mowing what was started yesterday evening because it will take some time to dry out from all the rain predicted.

ChuckT our city has been spraying frequently and what ever they're using seems to be keeping them at bay, although everyone here are now glowing in the dark. lol...
Maybe Barry will suck them all up and transplant them to

oldfart50 those look nice but my tractor is < 2 mos. old and if I start cutting/splicing in different lamp sockets required for those bulbs the wty. may be compromised.
I'm thinking of maybe adding a small led light bar under the frt. bumper which can be easily removed if needed.
They fir the same 1156 type socket I didn't have to change anything on mine . ~~oldguy~~
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