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Re: Decode Thompson/Warner Linear Actuators

Originally Posted by mikeinri View Post
Gotcha, thanks.

I asked because I'm having a problem with mine, sometimes they just click instead of move. I've also burned through a few toggle switches. I've replaced the battery and upsized the fuses, no improvement.

I don't think it's the actuator, because I've had the problem with both actuators, and have disconnected and crossed the wiring (to try running each actuator from the other switch). I haven't done any real tracking of whether it's one circuit vs the other causing the clicking, because it clicked on the circuit that still worked after I friend the other switch.

I bought this used and already installed on the tractor. The wiring is really a hack job (on the whole tractor). I plan to rewire the whole thing with better wiring, switches (or a joystick) and relays.

The thing that makes me crazy is that so many people here have run theirs for years with the stock wiring (no relays, basic wiring and switches from Johnny Products) without problems.

Wow, First, congratulations, they are great.

I have found that two things should be check quickly when clicking and nothing moving.

The connection pin at the bucket, check that the plastic spacers are not worn and that proper alignment of the actuator is still achieved. (not off, it won't take much)

check your quick connect at the support bracket. I've had the little pull pins come out during use and the bucket wanting to not be aligned. (starting to pull out, just put the pins back in)

I find that this is due to alignment usually.

Then the other.

I have a write up on an install that might help. They are electric and if improper power is applied they won't work well or at all. The battery becomes important here too. The actuators need a max ability of 25 amp draw. If your motor charge output is the common 15 amp when new and not hot then a battery of a rating 25 Ah or better is important. On mine I use the Harbor Freight AGM with 35 Ah rating and approx 500 CC amps. It works well. I can use the bucket with the tractor turned off, no power issues.

I have this write up at this forum

There are detailed pictures to reference.

I would be happy to sort this through with you if you would like.

The toggles can get stuck. It won't mean they are broke, necessarily.
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