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Decode Thompson/Warner Linear Actuators

I figured I would share the info in case anyone was interested because of their own project ideas, thinking of upgrading, but not knowing where to start, or just wanting to validate an implement manufacturers claims yourself, like the kind you see to lift mower decks or work a Johnny Bucket JR. There are many uses for them, some are very durable, some are not.

The below comes out of this PDF of Warner’s Products that give the types of actuators, dimensions, performance, uses, and most interesting to me at the time was how to decode the numbers on the actuator itself. I was trying to decode the actuators on my JBJR and that’s how I ended up with this.

This is the decode for the “B-Track” that I have on my JBJR, and for the rest, enjoy the PDF.

G20=gear ratio (20:1)

12V=12VDC (they go to 90VDC I think)

There is no "M" so this field is blank meaning it has a standar motor.

DN=Delrin nut

04=stroke in inches (can go to 24")
R90= the base install orientation is 90 degrees.

the next up to 4 digits is used as a modifier, in this case it's

JP2=Johnny Products designation.

An example,


"Thomson Linear Actuator
4 in stroke 1200lb force.
Johnny Bucket Jr lift replacement, all models all years. 100% replacement for older Bear and Warner models.
12v 1/2" pin holes. The pin center to pin center retracted measurement is 10-3/8". Used on JBJr lift"

These are very durable, I have over 100hrs, so far.

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