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Re: LI project

Well, ok, now we're getting somewhere.

Finished hooking up the wiring, put oil in it, looked it over for loose fasteners, and tried cranking it over with the plug out. Click, nuttin. A bit of debugging revealed that I'd done too good a job painting everything, and the bolts holding the starter on weren't grounding it. S-c-r-a-p-e-d a bit of paint, and now the starter works, yay!

Spark looked good, and about 30 seconds of cranking got something to show on the oil pressure gauge. Took it down off the bench, put the wheels on. Wheeled it outside, and while looking for a block to put it on, Bear asked "where's that oil coming from?" Dang, looks like I dinged the oil intake fitting where it comes out of the transmission. Probably when I was taking it down off the bench. Had to go home to get another one. Easy-outed the stub out, put all that back together.

Put a bit of fuel in it, turned on the petcock. Nothing bad happened, so choked it halfway, set the throttle, and turned the key. Within 2 seconds it spit and caught. Yay! It blew a fair amount of smoke for maybe 30 sec, then it tapered down. Had to fiddle mixture settings, and in the process discovered that the fuel line wasn't as tight as I thought, so redid that. Started it again, ran it around a bit, clutches seem ok, but then it died. Fiddled a bit, no fuel. It seems something was clogging the inlet to the gascolator. Blew it a little with an air line, and it freed right up, but I think I didn't get the tank as cleaned out as I thought. May have more problems there.

Anyhow, buttoned it all back up, and ran it a little more. Mixture still isn't quite right, it misses every once in a while. I tweaked it some and improved things, but still need to fiddle some more. After about 5 minutes the smoke seemed to be completely gone, except for some coming from under the hood, which seems to be grease and stuff burning off the hot parts. The oil pressure is ok, not at the top of the gauge, but well in the white. Have to keep an eye on that.

I'll probably bring it home tomorrow, run it a bit more, and change the oil.

Before I left for the day, I installed the finishing touch
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