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Re: Powering a 12 ton boat; need advice on big DC motors

Originally Posted by mda2000 View Post
I'm not 100% sure about this, but have you thought about having a hole drilled through the armature shaft to run coolant? It would be tricky to connect something to it because whatever connector you use would have to be able to seal while spinning.
No real need to cool the rotor, as oil cooled stators are common in motors. May need a small pump and heat exchanger to water.

Mark, "THEY" are the ones changing the rules, not you. Surely they would allow some modifications to your older boat to meet the new standards.

EDIT: Do you have access to a dry dock. Can you cut a hole in the underside of the hull and install a jetski drive. No props or driveshafts to interfere with the rudder, just need your electric motor to power the drive..

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