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Re: Why would bucket sag?

Originally Posted by Shwoody214 View Post
leakin one side of the piston to the other. An internal leak but Iv been wrong before lol
Correct. In this situation, a leaking cylinder does not leak to the outside world. The rod end of the cylinder has less volume than the base end, so there is room for any fluid that does get past the seals.

The most likely culprit is the piston seals. Valves rarely wear out.

The seals, usually O-rings, are available at hydraulic shops and auto parts stores.

Safety item!

However, it shouldn't be parked with the bucket up. The bucket should be grounded when parked, unless mechanically supported. The same as you support your car with blocking or axle stands after raising it with a hydraulic jack.

Seals, fittings, and hoses do not necessarily need high pressure to blow. Sometimes it's simply a matter of enough pressure cycles or years of service to cause their time to be up, or an accidental movement of the valve handle when someone's foot is where the bucket will land.


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