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Re: Echo vs stihl weed eater?

Originally Posted by Lawnboy77 View Post
Another vote for Echo. I bought a Stihl Kombi KM56RC early last season and it's already giving me problems, and I'm very picky about the fuel mix I use. I'm glad I didn't get rid of my 20 year old Husqvarna when I bought the Stihl because I'd be without. I suppose it's still under warranty, I just hate the hassle of taking it in and potentially having to answer a bunch of questions about what and how. I've almost ruled out a carb issue, it's as clean as a whistle. I should of checked spark first, but I just didn't think a 10 hour run-time machine would have spark issues. Oh well, I'll check the spark tomorrow and go from there. It's pretty sad that I mow with an old Lawnboy that is over 50 years old with no problems, but this dang weed whacker that is less than 2 years old is giving me problems, furthermore I'm sure if I take it in to the shop for warranty work they are going to try and tell me I'm doing something wrong. If it is the ignition module they will still want to charge me 75 bucks for labor. Okay I'm done venting for now, I'll now go back to the Walk behind section. LOL
You didn't specify if you use gas with Ethanol in it. I'm betting you do. Even if the carb looks spotless, the jets in a modern carb (due to new federal regulations) are extremely tiny and clog easily. (More so with Ethanol gas). Before to take it to the dealer and pay out $$$ try putting some Sea Foam in the gas, then pump the bulb to circulate the gas. Leave it sit for a few days if possible and see if the Sea Foam will clear the jet. I've had good luck with this stuff with one exception. Had to take a lawn tractor in due to clogged jets. He use ultrasonic cleaner and still could not get clear. Had to rod out every little opening and jet with wire to get open. But try Sea Foam first.
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