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Re: Mulching Blade?

You kinda have to understand what happens in any mowing deck. There is a shaft that has a blade connected to it. If the blade is completely flat, it slices thru the grass at a high speed and relies almost completely on gravity to drop the clippings to the ground. Since by moving forward, you are constantly feeding more grass to be cut, but because gravity is a weak force, the grass will build up inside the deck, eventually clogging the deck completely.
But almost all mower blades have some kind of a wing or ramp in back of the cutting edge. This wing or ramp introduces turbulence inside the deck which makes the grass cuttings bounce about and fall to the ground or into the chute faster. The design of the mower deck also helps create the space to allow these clippings to bounce around.
Using a dedicated mulching blade, the wing or ramp is serrated, meaning it has teeth, but they are not the primary cutting edge. This back side of the cutting edge helps to cut the clippings into smaller and smaller pieces, which then drop to the ground.

Looking at that kit, it would increase the turbulence that is already on the blade. The question is how you are going to attach it to the blade? Blades are extremely hard and it takes special tools to drill holes in a blade. Sure, by increasing the turbulence inside the cutting deck, it will make using that clean out thingy work better. Because the more turbulence combined with the water will wash it out better. Think of it like a washing machine: simply placing clothes in a tub of water kinda sorta gets them clean. But if you agitate the water (the turbulence), the clothes get cleaner faster.

Some people do not use that wash out thingy on the deck for a very good reason. It makes steel decks and blades rust faster if you don't dry it out after using it.
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