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Re: 4x4 7100 hst or BX1500

Now you need a blower? That wasn't part of the original equation? Even so, these aren't the normal product that works for a few years then it's junk. I have owned a compact tractor for 35 years,, yes it's still running, good as new and ready to do whatever I ask it to do. The new BX23s will likely be with me the rest of my tractoring days and perhaps the old compact to!

I didn't want to pay 20k for the new one myself but I wasn't buying a 5 year old God only knows what was done to it machine for a few k less than new either. Paying cash didn't make sense, the cash discount was 400 bucks, and with 0 finance it didn't make sense to drop a bunch of coin for a dp either. Put the 20k in a separate account attached an auto payment to it and moved on with more important things. Think on the long term, you'll still have it 20 years out if you take care of it. My opinion, current conditions just aren't favorable to used machines unless they are dirt cheap.

So how long is the driveway?
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