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Re: 4x4 7100 hst or BX1500

I would love to have a loader, but its just not in the cards right now. If I price out a bx1880 with deck and blower in Canadian dollars with tax (at msrp mind you) I am a lot closer to 21K than the 9K that the used machine costs. Both of those numbers are before haggling, and you are probably right, the 1880 would come down a lot in price. I get the logic - new tractor, zero percent financing, warranty, etc, but you pay for that stuff to the tune of 12 grand (by my numbers, I may be off a bit, the Canadian site won't cough up pricing). That is significantly more than my total tractor budget. Even if you take the blower out it is still way more than I want to spend. Maybe in 5 or so years I can trade in and get something new and better equipped, but for now I think I am on the used market.
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