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Re: Kohler Courage Engine Very Weak and Popping

Having worked on a Courage for a widow friend, I can tell you first hand how they fail. The front 5 bolts tend to loosen. The force of the cylinder firing tends to flex the front of the crankcase if the bolts loosen even a little resulting in a cracked crankcase. Amazingly the engine would start easily, would spray oil out the crack, then it starts to overheat. The bolts on that one hadn’t unscrewed to the point of making contact with the flywheel, but was toast none the less. I tried getting it welded, but it failed the first time the widow drove it. I had tried it before taking it back, but it didn’t last. Just because it starts and runs is not an indication it is okay.

Put lock washers on at least the front 5 bolts, but better to put them on all of them. Then torque them all. However the bolts are self threading so even the thickness of the lock washers will mean the bolt threads are not fully engaged.

Best alternative is to replace the engine before you have to.

Link to my experience: with pictures.

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