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Re: Kohler Courage Engine Very Weak and Popping

Ah, sorry, I thought by "throttle was all the way in" in was at idle low speed.
Yours is working exactly how it is supposed to.
The all the way up position should have the little cross line pic that is a choke picture, then below that at the 3/4 where it has a notch you can feel is a rabbit for normal fast operation speed, then at bottom is turtle for slow.
A lot pf people make this mistake if they have not read a user manual on them.
Many of the twin cylinder engines have a separate lever/cable for choke so the throttle goes all the way up and you pull the choke lever out.

I was thinking you were at low throttle setting.
At least your choke is working well. The courage singles had issues with the choke adjustment screw not being turned enough turns so they would get little to no choke and not start when cold.
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