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Re: X540 doesn’t stop

Originally Posted by denverguy View Post
Before you drop the $100+ on replacing that damper, its function, at least on my GX345 and the other tractors I have looked into, is to slow the return of the pedals to the neutral position to prevent the tractor from jerking to a stop.

I suggest disconnecting the damper to see if it resolves the issue before replacing it as they are not cheap.
Good point. And yeah, $100 is correct. I will disconnect and see what happens.

Originally Posted by jgayman View Post
I have a X500 which I purchased new and it acts the very same way. My previous tractor was a 175 Hydro and when you would move the hydro control it would stop instantly. In fact, it would even slide the tires if you moved the lever too quickly. I never ever needed to use the brake pedal or parking brake on the 175 because unless you pushed in the bypass lever it would not move. The X500 on the other hand rolls to a stop more gently and will in fact roll away on a hill if you don't set the parking brake.
Both of my tractors would do this if I’m not gentle with the pedals.

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