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Re: Clutch issue ? HT4213

Originally Posted by jbtecnico1 View Post
Hi everyone, finally getting back to this issue after much work travel and busy personal schedule.
I changed the trans oil, it was about 50% down actually.
A little difference in Reverse only, and is a little better when it "engages" in Forward.
I need to double check the actual shifter adjustment as offered earlier in this thread.

However, I'm pretty sure something is amiss in the friction plate area based on how it also stated by others in this thread.
Good news is that I found the service manual for this buggy, buried in a drawer...
I'll get on to getting the clutch apart and see what I find.
Looks like the clutch assembly is not available new so will try my luck on eBay, other...
I'm determined to get this thing fixed...appreciate everyone's insights...
Yes, Hi .. It looks as though the clutch disc has seperated somehow..

Ebay, if you have yet to:
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