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Re: Hydraulics issue

If you have a manual that shows the schematics for the hydraulic system, a review may show why there is a selector valve. Is there a control valve specific to the 3PH or does it use the loader valve for the 3PH as well as the loader? Where in the system is the relief valve?

Do not screw the gauge directly into the pump for checking the pressure . . . unless you want to buy a new pump. Some control valves have a gauge port at the inlet side of the valve body, otherwise install a Tee fitting at the inlet side of the loader valve (or selector valve, whichever is first in the circuit) and use the extra branch of the Tee for the gauge.

I'm making a WAG here about the loader lifting speed and low lifting capability, one or both of the cylinders is due for a new set of seals.

For your third concern, a review of the schematics will indicate the flow direction and which control valve is first. You are correct in that it shouldn't make a difference on which gets fluid first, but much depends on the location in the system of other components, specifically the relief valve and whether or not there is a need for a power beyond kit for the first control valve in the system. Incorrect plumbing can cause pump breakage if both the 3PH and the loader are operated at near capacity loads at the same time. A correctly designed and plumbed system will operate as you suggest.


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