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Re: Fuel control module

On my 4518 the module powers a solenoid with a rod on it into the moves the rod out to let fuel if the module or solenoid is'll cut off fuel into carb. I sawed the rod off on mine about 10 years ago and never bothered to replace it as it works fine without it. Look on side of carb....right by bowl.
I realize your engine is different ... but I suspect it has same setup.... so that won't work as the solenoid and rod will still stop fuel flow.

Also I'm real interested in bypassing main relay combination box, as I've been having intermittent issues with mine and it serves no purpose for me, as all safety switches are bypassed except pto. I've actually been looking at diagrams etc, but we are in dead of winter and I use it (snowblower) almost daily. I do realize a member here can repair them, at a reasonable cost, but it's pointless unless I replace four switches. The only purpose is to provide power to things when all switches are in the right place....and all my switches are removed and wires soldered.

So any info regarding that would be helpful.
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