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Re: Onan B48M solenoid/starter

Originally Posted by ssmewing View Post
If you have battery voltage at the starter and jump the solenoid from there and have the same problem then it is the starter. That is assuming that you have good cables and connectors that can carry the amp draw. I have a drawer with a lot of undersized former battery cables.

I would research what type of lube is needed. I cannot recall what kind is used but I don't think it is just oil. You may be able to use the straw and get brake cleaner on it. Be careful about making holes in the tins, unless you are also going to patch them. That cooling air is needed very much.
The shroud does not have to be removed I remove all the side bolts on the starter side so I can pry the shroud away as far as it will, then get your self a ratchet swivel wrench also have a box wrench and open end wrench handy it will take a few minutes but that is how I do it. Some say they pull the engine some take the front apart so the shroud comes of all that is a lot of work and a waist of time
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