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Re: Cv16s Kohler dies after 3o minutes

Do you have a fuel line(metal) routed above the cylinder inside the fan shroud/flywheel cover? A fuel pump? If you do, you may be running into vapor lock. The most wondrous fuel blends currently available seem to have low boiling points, or high vapor pressure, your choice. Kohler routed the metal fuel line through the shroud from the pump on the cam side to the carburetor on the opposite side. If you have a machine with a hood, it may be directing the expelled air from under the cylinder, warmed as it cools the cylinder & head, such that it gets fed back into the blower on the flywheel. The result is hotter than ambient air being used to cool the engine. See also: 'turbocool' ducting on some models.
I have found, and noted repeatedly, that if I remove the hood, run the engine for a few minutes, it will start to run properly as the fuel line cools and the hot fuel is replaced by cooler fuel. It does not die, but it is not running properly and smoothly, if I use it with the hood on during hot weather.
If you remove the hood and allow cooler air to the blower wheel, you may find you no longer have a problem.
Anecdote story over. Apparently I am the only one to have this circumstance. CV15S Craftsman 917.256580. New pump, new coil, new fuel filter.

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