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Re: Montgomery Ward Walker

Wisconsin produced 226,666 engines in 1952 and your serial 1917804 is very close to 1/2 way through the 1952 production.

The 1952 PlowTrac was Midland produced and the Montgomery Ward catalog number was 5458R and used the Wisconsin ABN. The only sickle bar listed in 1952 for the PlowTrac is a 30" catalog number 5386R.

The 1953 PlowTrac was Simplicity produced and used a B&S Model 14. (This was the first year for the Simplicty model 5828 which was their Model V)
A 36" sickle bar model 4998R was available for the PlowTrac and PowerTrac in 1953. The 1953 Midland produced PowerTrac used a Wisconsin model AKN.

I have catalog scans from Farmerik's library but at 10MB to 20MB each they are high quality scans. If you can send me an email I will try to get them to you. My email is 3wests at sympatico dot ca Remove the spaces and change the dot and at. Will use Usendit to get around email size restrictions.

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