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Re: Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"

Some Old Guy, from another old guy thank you for the reply, I have no quarrel with Briggs & Stratton as they offered to replace the engine and the deliver would have taken time would have much too long a time for delivery. My anger was toward Husqvarna Service Dept. and the jackass repair depo of their choice. The Dept. store where I bought the Husky, also has a very large and very busy automobile repair service and small engine repair is not financially feasible to them. After being told by Husqvarna service dept. that their repair shop said there was nothing wrong with it it I returned to the store for a refund or replacement.
I was asked by the store manager if I would agree to their auto service dept who have licensed mechanics qualified in both auto and small engines try to repair it and for me try it one more time. I agreed.
Their finding " under the flywheel it was a mess of rust and corruption" where that motor had been stored before before installation could not have been a very good place. I tried it and I must say it did twice as much mowing as it had done before but still a dismal performance in my opinion.
I was offered any new tractor they had in stock, but they suggested I stay away from Husqvarna, but did recommend the single cylinder 20 HP Troy Built tractor along with that thanks for my cooperation with them and that they would pick up the Husky when the delivered the new Troy which they did not have in stock. I received the new Troy Built two days later, and it's a dream come true after the Husqvarna nightmare. Everything works with ease as it should, and I'm sure it will outlast me . I had also planed to buy a new Husqvarna snow blower for this winter, but I notice the chain no longer carries them. Not that I'd ever consider dealing with them again. Thanks for the information on the Briggs & Stratton, I'll pass that along, the tractor had to be replaced because the mower deck deteriorated to junk, but the old Sears tractor with it's single cylinder B&S 12HP motor can still plow snow
So as I said Husqvarna never again it seems they do not want to back up their product whis costs more than it's worth in my honest opinion
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