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Re: Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"

Willy B, on the air blowing out of the intake what you were probably seeing was the compression release doing its job. the starter on briggs motors such as you had can not over come the compression to crank the motor over, so they put a centrifugal compression release on the camshaft. it simply gives the intake
valve a little bump as the piston comes up on compression during cranking.
you can actually hear the compression release engage when you turn the engine off, as it comes to a stop there is a change in the sound from the intake during the last few revolutions of the crankshaft.
like so many things now, it is made as cheaply as it can be and sometimes fails resulting in a no start condition. the starter will engage & tries to crank the motor over, but can't acting like the battery is weak.

briggs has also again started using the short fuel cut solenoids that will short out. when it goes bad you can see anything from it won't start, or during use it dies & won't restart and sometimes damaging the solenoid pigtail connector from it over heating because the solenoid is pulling too much current. you
can't swap the longer solenoids in place of the short ones.
replacement carburetors are only coming with the short solenoids.
if you have a carburetor with the long solenoid, take care of it.
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