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Re: Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"

Both of the big stuff box stores around here leave so many items outside on display that they get rained on often.
I still recommend buying from the big box stores as the prices are usually as cheap as it gets and they typically have a 90-day return policy in writing period most will even go beyond that take care of the customer if you stick to your guns. Many times the store managers have bent over backwards and given people a full credit to buy something else in the store when the manufacturer or the engine manufacturer weaseled weaseled weaseled out of trying to not help the customer.
Husqvarna is typically better quality than Troy-Bilt with fewer problems. But many things have changed in the past couple of years with Husqvarna using the General transmission and then Troy-Bilt you can get double pulley system 7 speed shift on the Fly on one of their lowest models and all the rest typically have the K46.
Odds are it was really something simple but that machine. Could have been a messed up gas cap or a fuel filter or a pinch fuel line or the EPA required tube being clogged up.
Typically they send them to their service center fix the problem ship them back then sell them and a slight discount. I have bought several Toro Personal Pace is at 50- $80 off regular price just because it have been sent back for whatever reason. Often there is an invoice that says what the problem was but sometimes it's just the person doesn't like the way it mows.
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